New product development

Shafir Systems is the primary address for entrepreneurs who seek to develop and produce new products and turning them from an idea into a durable item.
The company works with many entrepreneurial and finance companies and manufactures items certified by the Israel Standards Institution, subject to accepted international standards.

The development process at Shafir Systems has seven stages:

1. Receiving an SOW document describing the customer’s requirements
2. Forming an engineering team and concept development
3. Getting approval from the customer for the proposed concept
4. Preparing drawings and producing a first-iteration prototype (alpha model)
5. Assembling the prototype and testing the core systems
6. Implementing improvements
7. Production of a working prototype (beta model)
In contrast to competing companies, after the prototype has been produced, Shafir offers its customers the option to also do their production runs and enjoy attractive prices thanks to the company’s connections with suppliers around the world.

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