Integrate automation in production lines

Shafir Systems has over 30 years of experience in planning and building automated systems for different industries in Israel and abroad.
The company has executed hundreds of projects for large Israeli companies and continues to be a leader in the field of robotics and control, along with developing some of the latest technologies in the field.
The ability to integrate the most advanced controlled automation technology in manual production processes is a supreme asset for our customers, helping them significantly reduce the costs of production, increase output while maintaining or even enhancing the quality of their products.

Shafir’s Work Method:

Studying the current process – Locate, study and document the existing production methods to acquire a firm understanding of the current process.
Characterizing the new process– The customer writes up a PDR document describing the desired process, in terms of output, products and work schedules.
Developing a solution and concept presentation – The development of an automated system that meets all the customer’s requirements as described in the PDR document.
Getting the customer’s approval – Presenting the concept and getting the customer’s approval to start the new system’s production and assembly process.
Certifying the process at Shafir – Assembling the system at Shafir and carrying out a full test run. Getting the customer’s go-ahead to install the system.
Installing the system at the customer’s site – Assembling the new system on the customer’s site and giving comprehensive instruction to the line workers on how to use it.
Warrantee and service – Shafir provides a manufacturer’s guarantee on all its systems and will make on-site service calls as needed by the customer.












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