Shafir's Staff
The staff personnel at Shafir Systems are professionals in the fields of mechanics, electronics, programming and systems analysis who cooperatively test and select the best possible solution to fulfill the customer’s requirements.
Shafir sees its workforce as its most vital core resource and is proud to put its experienced and talented staff at the customer's disposal.
  • Roni Shafir - CEO

    The founder and chairman of Shafir's Board of Directors is a world-renowned expert in the development of complex technological systems for industry, with 35 years of experience. Roni is a graduate of the Technion with a degree in machine engineering (B.Sc) and a Masters degree in computer science. He also serves as a student mentor at Tel Aviv University.

  • Haim Itzkowitz – Senior Manager
    Company founder and acting manager of the firm, Haim has an M.Sc degree in machine engineering from Tel Aviv University and rich experience of over 30 years in managing a wide range of complex and large-scale projects.
  • Mark Langer – Engineering Department Manager
    One of the pillars of the company, with a Masters degree (M.Sc) in machine engineering, Mark has been managing the firm's engineering and development department for 15 years. He has overall experience of 28 years in machine engineering and working with high-tech systems for civilian and military industries as well as the energy industry.
  • Elisha Sharabi – Control Department Manager
    Part of the company's founding generation and one of its key leaders, Elisha has been managing the control department for 20 years, during which he has played a central role in large, complex control, electric and robotics projects in a high-tech environment.
  • Ronen Alony – Marketing and Sales Manager
    Ronen has an MBA in marketing and business management with previous experience at Iscar as international marketing department manager.
    Ronen is in charge of marketing and the company’s customer relations and is the main contact person for new projects.
  • Shlomi Harush – Assembly Department Manager
    Shlomi is the one who brings all the company’s projects to fruition. He has a degree in computerization and control and has been managing the Assembly Department for the past decade, building on his previous experience in aviation projects.
  • Gil Yariv – Purchasing and Logistics Manager
    Gil has been working at Shafir Systems for 11 years as purchasing and logistics manager and is in charge of the company’s operations, imports and exports.
    Gil has a BA in business management and marketing from the University of New England in the United States.
  • Ofra Shafir – Human Resources Manager
    Ofra has been managing the Human Resources Department at Shafir for the past 10 years. She has a BA in Education with rich experience in managing social nonprofit organizations.
  • Ilana Haviv – Bookkeeper
    Ilana started working in 1982 as a secretary for the CEO and the company.
    Over the years Ilana became a certified bookkeeper and today she fills that role along with her position as office manager.
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