Quality Assurance

As a company that develops and produces machines, Shafir has a stringent quality assurance system. The company is certified by ISO Standard 9001:2008 but actually implements the stringent regulations of the aviation Standard AS9100.
Shafir Systems is a certified supplier to the Defense Ministry (level A) Rafael (level 1), Israel Military Industries, Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit and other companies in the military industry.

Shafir selects its suppliers with great care and utilizes its rich experience to choose reliable, high-quality products for the systems it develops.
The company provides a warranty, service and support for all the systems it produces and accompanies the customer as the latter assimilates the new systems.

As a company that manufactures products for different destinations around the world, Shafir’s products meet all the applicable safety requirements such as the UL standards for the American market and CE for the European market.
For military products, safety programs are implemented according to Standard MIL-STD 882



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