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 Shafir Production Systems specializes in developing and producing advanced technology computerized systems for the civilian, medical and the renewable energy industries in Israel and around the world.
Shafir is the largest and leading Israeli company in its field, with over 30 years of experience developing complex systems tailored to the customer’s requirements.
The company specializes in three main areas:
Automating production lines - Shafir helps its customers integrate controlled automation in their production processes, enabling increased productivity, significant reductions in production costs and enhanced product quality.
Development of new products and custom machinery - Shafir specializes in developing special-purpose machinery and products that provide the customer with vital advantages that cannot be obtained from standard, off-the-shelf products.
The Company’s History
Shafir started out at the beginning of the 1980s and focused on automating the production lines of various factories in Israel.
After a decade of extensive operations in the field, during which the company built up a pool of loyal customers and a reputation as a market leader in the field of automation, it began to implement projects for the medical industry as well.
Shafir’s great leap came at the end of the 1990s when the international firm Iscar, which had been Shafir’s customer, decided to become a stakeholder and acquired shares in the company with the understanding that Shafir would be able to contribute to it by developing advanced automated processes for its factories around the world.
Today, Shafir is a giant in its field, employing over 100 people in numerous projects, developing automated and medical systems for thousands of customers in Israel and around the world.

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department at Shafir, with 40 planning and control work stations, is a key company asset and the main source of its success.
The department employs some of Israel’s brightest machine, electrical and software engineers, who work together to develop and implement the best solutions for the company’s customers.

The office is divided into three main departments:

• Mechanics Department
• Electricity Department
• Software and Control Department

Due to the vast experience the company has accumulated in its 32 years, Shafir has become the leading Israeli developer of tailor-made technology systems.

Production and Assembly Halls

Shafir has two 450 sq. m. production facilities, where systems are assembled and tested before they are delivered to the customer.

The Assembly Department numbers 27 skilled machine workers who work with the control engineers to assemble the systems according to the customer’s specifications.

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